Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Holiday help!

I read somewhere that there had been a survey that revealed 80% of mums have to do ALL the holiday planning & packing before heading off for the family holiday less than relaxed! Did we really need a survey to learn that one!

Now the school holidays are here I'm sure every mum in the country is busy thinking up things to do or planning for the family holiday or just gazing into her crystal ball wondering what the heck the weather is going to do in the next few minutes!

Well, here at Sarah Jane we can take one packing headache away. Instead of packing dozens of bibs and wondering how you are going to get them washed and dried why not buy one of our wonderful leather bibs that just need a wipe or a rinse under the tap. Mums all over the UK are getting one of our 30+ designs to take away - why not choose one now and save yourself at least one less job!