Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Premier Kids 6th - 8th July 08

Sarah Jane (UK) Ltd will be exhibiting at this year's Premier Kids at Birmingham NEC. This is a fantastic chance for the great and the good from the industry to see the fantastic Mally Bibs!
It's also a chance for my feet and legs to ache endlessly as anyone who's had a stand at a show will know! If you are a retailer or wholesaler from our industry give me a call and we can get you free tickets for Premier Kids (first come, first served!)

Friday, 23 May 2008

Crocs - leave me alone!

My wife wants me to have a pair of Crocs - she keeps telling me how amazing they are but I normally like to wait until something's out of fashion before I want it! It doesn't stop her trying to 'convert' me!

Crocs have spent years becoming an overnight success - suddenly out of no where they have all these great shoes. Not only do they have a great product(s) but they've worked very hard on getting the message out!

At Sarah Jane we are just getting started in getting the word out about the revolutionary product that will change the way we do bibs! Our friends at Mally Bibs Canada have spent years developing a highly innovative and functional leather bib that in Canada & USA is a designer bib with bags of style.

PLEASE don't make me have Crocs - unless they are at least a year out of fashion & please help us emulate Crocs success - check out our full range at shop.sarahjane.uk.com

Thursday, 22 May 2008


Bringing children into the world and looking after them can be pretty daunting! Money can be a major stress for any family and if the media are to be believed it's all pretty gloomy but at SARAH JANE we are totally optimistic about the future. Sure, we might be tightening our belts a little bit but let's not get carried away - life in the UK is pretty good and if we shop smart our kids can look fabulous while we save money!
However, it might be time to be prudent and investing in a truely gorgeous Leather Bib is a cracking way of saving money! How much money do you spend washing and drying bibs every day only to throw the stained ones away on a regular basis. Our bibs just wash under the tap and wipe dry AND they don't stain. They stay as good as new as long as your baby or toddler needs it! What a great way to give your child a designer bib and save money!
Check out the full range now at shop.sarahjane.uk.com

Monday, 19 May 2008

Revolutionise the way you use bibs

Sarah Jane - Bibs & Bobs is helping mums revolutionise the way they do bibs. How often do you wash and dry bibs? How often do you throw them away because they are stained? Well, check out our beautiful Mally Bibs made from soft, baby-safe leather - they have many UNIQUE features including the magnetic fastener (no tangled hair!), 100% guarenteed against staining, washes under the tap (no more washing & drying!), no more soggy or mouldy bibs at the bottom of your changing bag! Order on line at www.sarahjane.uk.com