Monday, 11 August 2008

Sarah Jane - beat the rain

No wonder we Brits talk about the weather - where has the summer gone! It's never stopped raining for the last 2 weeks... Actually, I think I'm to blame because the weather was lovely for at least a couple of weeks before that and I (foolishly) said "let's have a BBQ!" That was it - constant rain from that day onwards...
Anyway, if you need cheering up with some retail therapy, or you experience a break in the weather and actually go to a BBQ, the answer is the same - BUY this summer’s gorgeous must-have accessory for that special baby! Our leather bibs are not only super-stylish, have over 30 wonderful designs and if you’re at a BBQ you can just wipe it clean and pop it in your change bag.

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In the unlikely event you still care – I did have the BBQ – in the rain! I’ve learnt my lesson – I won’t mention it next summer.