Thursday, 20 November 2008

Leather baby Bibs - No words needed!

Selling leather bibs takes a lot of thought and time... You need to think carefully about the right messages and images but sometimes there are images that need no words or explanation!

However, I couldn't help thinking that this would be a good image to convey how useful a leather bib is compared to some other methods people think of... Or, you might re-think asking a small child to 'put the kettle on...'

I also thought that this would be a good image to convey how painful it is to keep washing, drying and replacing other types of bibs but that would be making light of this poor young person's pain!

Finally, it was leather bibs or rubber socks / gloves. After extensive field trials (well, this one child was all it took) we went with the leather bibs!
Check out the real thing at

Leather bibs a big hit in Manchester!

Last weekend we exhibited at The Baby Show - Manchester & it was a huge success! This is the first time that the Baby Show has come to the North West and we did wonder how successful it would be - but it was brilliant! The turn out from people from all over the North of England was fantastic and you loved the bibs.

It still surprises us how many people have never seen or heard of a leather bib despite our efforts this year. It is always a pleasure to talk through the unique benefits and then sell a bib, or usually two. In fact more people bought two bibs than the people who just bought one.

As usual our best selling bib was our Cheeky Monkey -
Please take advantage of our Christmas 'special offer' of FREE P&P!

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Sarah Jane at The Baby Show Manchester

Yes, we are taking the short trip down the M56 to sunny Manchester (well, I can but hope) to be part of the very first Baby Show - Manchester We had a brilliant time at Earls Court last month and we were just thinking "we must do Manchester" when a very kind guy from another stand offered us his place, as he couldn't go! (Thanks Adrian)...

So if you live anywhere near Manchester and fancy meeting up with us we will be at the GMEX for the next 3 days and we would love to see you - stand B10! There will a cracking discount that is available for the show ONLY!

If you can't get to Manchester why not have a look on our web site If you can't be bothered doing either then put your feet up and have a relaxed weekend - you probably deserve it!

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Leather Bibs really are a great Christmas Present!

What do you buy for the people who have everything! To be very frank - most of us don't 'need' anything - we are all knee deep in 'stuff' and if we do need something we usually just go out and get it! Nigella (I'm worth a cool £110 million) Lawson made her children give all their Christmas presents away, bar one, to teach them the true value of Christmas - actually it's not as cruel or crazy as it sounds - check out the article

So - what do you buy for the people who have everything - well if they have a baby under 2 - 3 years why not buy them one of our gorgeous leather bibs!

A leather bib is definately NOT in the catagory of more 'stuff' - they not only look fantastic but they definately save you time, money and effort. What a great gift! Not only do family or friends get something that appears great but will actually help them in lots of practical ways and make a tiny dent in the growing climate change problems.

So - which bib to buy! Well, you decide - have a look on our web site and see if you can pick a favourite.
My favourite, if your interested, is the Monkey bib