Monday, 23 February 2009

Sarah Jane goes to the Oscars

"And the Oscar goes to..."

How many actors, writers, directors, producers, technicians and other assorted film hangers on waited with baited breath, last night, to see if they would pick up one of the coveted 34cm, gold plated statuettes!

Well, I thought we would have our own 'Oscars' - for the bibs... so here goes

Best bib nearly in a film - TIGER!

I'm sure our tiger was just out of camera shot in Slumdog Millionaire!

Best supporting actor - CATERPILLAR!

Best Actress - BUTTERFLY! (actually the Caterpillar played both parts!)

Best Actor - MONKEY... for his excellent follow up to 'Gorillas in the Mist' - Monkey in the Kitchen!

Anyway, you may have your own thoughts on which of our bibs deserve an Oscar! If you make us laugh we might even send you a bib - give it a go!