Thursday, 8 January 2009

What's in a name

Our friends at have just released their results of the most popular names for 2008 and the usual suspects are in the list -

Top 10 Boys names

1. Jack 2. Oliver 3. Harry 4. Alfie 5. Charlie 6. Thomas 7. Joshua 8. Daniel 9. James 10. William

Top 10 Girls names

1. Olivia 2. Ruby 3. Grace 4. Emily 5. Jessica 6. Sophie 7. Chloe 8. Lily 9. Mia 10. Lucy

Our top boys bib is still monkey -

Our top girls bib is still butterfly -

Monday, 5 January 2009

Happy, happy New Year!

Flipping heck - is the news gloomy, or what! Every day it seems that another famous name on the High Street has gone bust! Who's next?

Well, thankfully not Sarah Jane. The word is spreading and every day there is more and more people joining the parents who have discovered there is life after fabric bibs! Parents all over the UK are saving money, time & effort by switching to one of our gorgeous, but highly functional, leather bibs... The most popular bib in January, so far, is the Butterfly - but it's early days yet!

Come on - make this a happy, happy New Year and get your leather bib TODAY!