Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Sarah Jane at The Baby Show

Yes, as previously mentioned we ventured south and exhibited at the massive and brilliant The Baby Show - Earls Court. Nearly 20,000 people visited our stand - well - they were there but it might be a slight exageration that they all came to our stand (but it felt like it at times!) Blimey, it was so busy, but fantastic, to get so many people telling us that they love the bibs and buying them! What was crazy was that so many people could not make up their minds and bought 2 - Fantastic!

Anyway here is the run down on the top 10 sellers at the show - no surprises here

No. 1 (yet again) The Cheeky Monkey bib http://shop.sarahjane.uk.com/monkey-8-p.asp

No. 2 The gorgeous Caterpillar http://shop.sarahjane.uk.com/caterpillar-23-p.asp

No. 3 The Butterfly bib http://shop.sarahjane.uk.com/butterfly-20-p.asp

Joint 4th Salamander & Sundae http://shop.sarahjane.uk.com/salamander-15-p.asp http://shop.sarahjane.uk.com/sundae-29-p.asp

No. 6 Pink Daisies http://shop.sarahjane.uk.com/daisies---pink-34-p.asp

No. 7 Cupcake http://shop.sarahjane.uk.com/cupcake-30-p.asp

N0. 8 Rocket http://shop.sarahjane.uk.com/rocket-4-p.asp

No. 9 Police Car http://shop.sarahjane.uk.com/police-car-1-p.asp

No. 10 Frog http://shop.sarahjane.uk.com/frog-17-p.asp

Don't miss us at The Baby Show - MANCHESTER 14th - 16th Novemebr 2008 http://www.thebabyshow.co.uk/manchester-central/

Monday, 27 October 2008

Practical Parenting loves LEATHER BIBS

The UK's top parenting magazine (Practical Parenting) recently featured the very stylish and funky Caterpillar bib in their feature article about bibs! Even though I'm completely biased I was not in the least surprised to see us in the top slot!
The Caterpillar bib also went down very well at our recent appearance at the UK's biggest Baby Show - imaginatively named 'The Baby Show'. In fact we had such a great response with the bibs we are also exhibiting at The Baby Show - Manchester! It's on from 14th - 16th November and is the first time that the Baby Show has been there! So come & have a great day out in sunny Manchester!

The funny thing about shows is that you never know what is going to be popular and what's not (the British public eh!) - for instance the first day in London we completely sold out of the Salamander bib http://shop.sarahjane.uk.com/salamander-15-p.asp and the following 2 days we only sold a few.

On the first day we didn't sell a single apple bib but on the following days sold loads!http://shop.sarahjane.uk.com/apple-25-p.asp
Anyway, it just goes to show... we all have our favourite bib so why not have a look at the full range and see which is your favourite

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Myleene Klass "loves" leather bibs!

How exciting - we were in Liverpool yesterday to meet up with Myleene Klass! She was launching her new 'Baby K' range of clothes and accessories at Mothercare and we popped along to say hi and talk about bibs with her.

Firstly, she is so lovely and beautiful - wow! Secondly, she loves the leather bibs! Myleene has been using one of our bibs with her baby daughter Ava and said

"I'm using it - I've tested it and I love it!"
Myleene has a butterfly and cupcake bib. Check out and buy the beautiful Butterfly bib at http://shop.sarahjane.uk.com/bugs-9-c.asp
or the delicious Cupcake bib at http://shop.sarahjane.uk.com/fresh-10-c.asp
Have a look at some more images of Sarah with Myleene on our Facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sarah-Jane-UK-Ltd/20778512590 and why not sign up as one of our friends!