Monday, 29 June 2009

Summers here - leather bib needed!

The warm weather seems to come and go with annoying unpredictability, but I would say that summer is definitely here! For many of us summer will be a chance to get away and recharge the batteries, but prior to that is the bit we all hate - packing! Many people make lists - loud shirt, trashy novel, suntan lotion, MP3 player, tummy tablets etc..., but for many mums we talk to it can also include dozens of bibs! So why take loads of bibs on holiday when you can just take the one? Why not take a gorgeous and highly practical leather bib with you and save yourself the time, money, hassle and space in the suitcase.

Here are a few summery designs that you might like to have a look at -

Why not buy this lovely leather bib with gorgeous summer flowers -

Let our gregarious grasshopper spring into action to keep your baby clean and dry -

Last, but not least let our beautiful butterfly flutter along to help this summer to an altogether different experience -

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