Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Mother's Instinct - Baby Show!

Great News - we are actually doing a Baby Show that is just over a mile from our offices! Having traveled the length & breadth of the UK with our fantastic bibs it's brilliant to be so close to home!

We will be at the MOTHER'S INSTINCT SHOW at Thornton Hall Hotel & Spa, on Sunday 20th March. The show is from 12 - 5 and is jam packed full of things to help you if your preparing for a baby or you've had a baby! Entrance is totally FREE, but the event is priceless!

Come early because the same show in other parts of the UK attracted over 1,000 visitors!

If you've seen the bibs on the web site and you would love to feel and smell the leather then this is your big chance. We will also to doing a great deal at the show, but I'm not telling what it is because it's ONLY AVAILABLE AT THE SHOW!

We would love to meet you so come along on Sunday 20th March to MOTHER'S INSTINCT at THORNTON HALL HOTEL & SPA!

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